Orange T-Shirt Hip Flask


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In stock

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- T-Shirt Hip Flask
- Classic Stainless Steel Hip Flask
- Screw Lid
- Made With 304 Stainless Steel And Other FoodGrade Materials
- Pocket-Friendly


This Orange T-Shirt Hip Flask is uniquely-shaped for those who want something different. This flask is a great gift idea for any father, groom-to-be, groomsman, or even your special someone. It can hold just enough of your favorite drink for the day and it can easily be slipped into your pocket, too.

- Orange T-Shirt Hip Flask
- Cup
- Funnel
- Packaged in a James Butler Gift Box
- Gift Bag (Optional)


James Butler Tips

1. Before using your flask, rinse it with warm water and lemon. This will remove any metallic taste and clean the flask thoroughly. Repeat this process again with warm water to then remove the lemon residue and allow it to dry. Please note: this flask is NOT
2. Empty immediately after using the flask and rinse with warm water. Do not use any soap as this can effect the taste of your drink.
3. Finally, not only is your new hip flask practical, but it also makes you look insanely cool! So show it off.


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